The Power of Attorney Process

The Expert Information Collection Questionnaire is a quick and straightforward way of gathering all of the important information we need to prepare your Power of Attorney. It is a simple WebApp so can be used on any device for your convenience.

One of our qualified experts will review the contents of your Information Questionnaire and will prepare your Power of Attorney.

You will receive an email with a copy of your Power of Attorney document, a Certificate for your GP and a declaration for your Attorney all of which must be completed/ signed. These form your Power of Attorney Pack.

  1. For your Power of Attorney to be valid a medical doctor must interview you and confirm, by signing a certificate , that you have capacity and understand the consequences of signing the Power of Attorney. This means you will need to contact your local GP surgery and arrange an appointment for the interview. You should take a copy of the certificate with you and ask the doctor to sign this.
  2. Also you should advise your Attorneys that you have appointed them to act for you and ask them to sign a copy of the declaration attached to the email to confirm that they are willing to accept your appointment and are not currently bankrupt. Your Attorney can find more information on their appointment on our website.
  3. You and also an independent witness should sign as indicated. It is important that your witness also prints their FULL name (including all middle names) and enters the date and place of signing. Your witness does not have to read the document.

All Powers of Attorney granted after April 2001 require to be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian – the official responsible for overseeing the actions of Attorneys.

The registration process is expected to take up to 30 days.

You will be notified once the registration process is complete and can then rest easy knowing that your affairs are properly protected should the unexpected ever happen.