Once you have signed your Will it is best to store it in a safe place. You may have access to such a safe place but, for obvious reasons, it is sensible not to store your Will in your house just in case, as an example, a disastrous fire occurred. Once you have signed your Will we ask you to return it to us so that we can make sure it has been signed correctly thereafter scanning the document and providing you with an online share.

At that point we will return the Will to you for safe-keeping but, if you wish, you have the option of storing the Will with our MMiSafe system. This is a great option in that it provides storage for your Will in our safes and subscription to our update system which emails you when there are legal changes or other issues that may prompt you to consider changing the terms of your will. MMiSafe is available in two forms. You can pay annually at £9.99 per annum or you can obtain cover for a full five years at just £29.99. Our preference is that you take the five-year option to give you peace of mind and much better value. Our approach is totally transparent; the reason why the five-year service is so much better value is that our bureaucracy in administering your account is much reduced as against the annual process thus allowing us to pass on to you the benefit of the saving.