Thank You

Thank you for completing our Lloyds Group Gifted Deposit App which will assist us greatly.

You will now receive an email form us which will contain a letter which requires to be completed and signed by the person(s) providing you with a gift. If you have more than one gifter you will receive a seperate email for each gifter.

The purchase of a new home is an ideal time to consider creating a Will or, if you have already done so but your circumstances have changed since then, updating your Will. McVey & Murricane are happy to offer a simple, low cost Will creation service.

Now you can instruct your Will from your tablet, smartphone or PC with solicitors established more than 50 years who are one of the largest providers of legal services to individuals in Scotland. And Authorised by the Law Society of Scotland

Please explore for more information on creating your Will with McVey & Murricane and starting the process.