I have received my Will but what do I do with it?

As we explained, our aim was to create a modern one page Will which can be completely understood with the benefit of our plain English guide. It is strongly recommended that you read the Will in conjunction with the guide where you will find an explanation of all the technical terms within your Will.

I am happy with the terms of my Will

What do I do now?


You now need to sign your Will.

The signing area is located at the bottom of the Will page and looks like this:

You and also an independent witness should sign as indicated.

It is important that your witness also prints their FULL name (including all middle names) and enters the date and place of signing.


Your Will is a very important legal document and must be kept safe and secure.

If your Will is stored in your house there is a risk that something could happen to both you and the Will at the same time. For example, in the event of a fire.

It may seem unlikely but the unexpected can unfortunately happen and we would suggest and recommend using MMiSafe for the storage of your Will which can be purchased using the following link:

Purchase MMiSafe

Please note: in order to enter the secure webpage you will need your case reference number which you can find in the email which accompanied your Will. The reference will look like this: ABCD001-00001.

Next simply send the signed Will back to us and relax in the knowledge that you and your loved ones are now protected should the unexpected happen.

Alternative Storage Options
Of course you are under no obligation to use our storage service and you are free to use an alternatively located safe place, such as a fireproof safe.

If you decide to use an alternative location please use your mobile phone or tablet to take a picture of your signed Will and email it to us so we can ensure the signing is complete and proper and then place the Will in your safe place and again relax in the knowledge that you are now protected.

We would recommend telling your family or loved ones the location of your safe place.

What if I am not happy with the terms of my Will?

If there are any aspect of your Will that you wish to change or there are any typographical changes required then if would be very helpful if you could simply write on the Will those changes that you would like to make and return it to us.

Of course you are absolutely free to send an email to wills@mcvey-murricane.com detailing your desired changes but it is sometimes easier and clearer to directly mark the changes on the Will itself.