Do I really need a Power of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney is a protective measure: an insurance against the unexpected.
Put simply, it is a document which allows you to appoint someone you trust to look after your affairs when you are not able to yourself.

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Do I really need a Will?

A Will is generally an insurance against the unexpected. If you own a house, other assets or you have a partner, spouse or children, you really do need a Will

Don’t think that if something bad happened to you, it will always turn out as you expect; it often does not.

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How does work

Unlike unregulated "Will writing" websites, a division of one of Scotland's leading solicitors providing a secure and straightforward interactive WebApp from any device. This is followed by a review by legal experts, the preparation of your Will and the provision of valuable advice. The use of technology allows delivery of quality legal services using our ModernWill technology at a really competitive price.

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Our WebApp is simple to use and in plain English. Pricing is straightforward and transparent at £39.99 for a single Will and £59.99 where two Wills are required. Unbelieveable Value and great advice - how do we do it? Because we are securely harnessing the power of the internet and using our ModernWill technology. And you have the protection that our service is authorised by the Law Society of Scotland.

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A Modern Will for Modern Life

The internet has transformed our lives but understandably we are concerned about using unauthorised Will writing sites on the Internet, dealing with “pop up Will companies” or spending hundreds with a traditional solicitor.

Now you can instruct your Will from your tablet, smartphone or PC with solicitors established more than 50 years who are one of the largest providers of legal services to individuals in Scotland. And Authorised by the Law Society of Scotland. A Modern Will for Modern Life on one page incorporating your social media and electronic life. Every Will instruction is subject to detailed assessment and an Expert Review before providing you with your Will and any commentary that is appropriate. Just £39.99 for one will and £59.99 for “joint” wills. Unbelievable value for a quality product.

Protect your loved ones from the comfort of your sofa for the price of a meal. Do it now.

What is a Modern Will for Modern Life?