Do I really need a Will?

Our parent organisation McVey and Murricane is one of the largest providers of legal services to individuals in Scotland. Being a business with more than 50 years’ experience supplying such services, circumstances are encountered regularly where someone has died unexpectedly without a Will and real problems ensue. Unless old age or infirmity are major issues, a Will is best seen as an insurance policy against the unexpected, just in the same way that most people see life insurance.

Most people know they need a Will but it is something that they often put off because it does not seem to be an essential or there are better things to do with finances at that time. Over 50% of the population do not have a Will when they die; however, if you look at the percentage of people who do not have a Will and are not facing old age or infirmity, the percentage is much higher. The problem is that if the unexpected should happen to such people the consequences of not having a Will can be more problematic for their loved ones.

This is especially the case with today's more diverse society where there are many different types of relationships and family structures. Given that the law relating to circumstances where somebody dies without a will was last updated in 1964(!) it can be easily seen that the law is out of date.