Do I really need a Power of Attorney?

Thinking about our faculties deserting us can be unpleasant and there is a tendency to think “this doesn’t affect me, I’m perfectly well” but capacity can be lost or impaired at any age and can happen without warning. There can be a gradual loss over time or it can be very sudden due to an accident or illness.

It is helpful to understand that lost capacity means you are not able to make, understand or communicate decisions for yourself whether that be on a temporary or permanent basis.

So if you were to have a serious accident and fall into a coma or be struck with an illness, such as dementia, how would your affairs be dealt with? Who would make medical, welfare and financial decisions on your behalf? The reality is if such an unexpected event does occur no one, not even your closest family members, have an automatic right to look after your personal affairs.

Granting a suitable Power of Attorney allows your family and loved ones to avoid the dreadful difficulties and complicated, long-winded and expensive process of applying to the court to have someone appointed.